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Kenji Martinez

Kenji Martinez

Chief Technology Officer

Kenji found his passion for helping his community at an early age. Kenji found a way to connect his early technological roots to the greater community, and local businesses through mentorship for at risk minority teens. Through this work, Kenji expanded his community mentorship by providing national consulting service to those struggling to understand their organization’s technology demand. Doing so empowered business owners and executives understand they were not at the whim of their IT contractors. After working with AT&T, Kenji provided technology, customer success management, strategic partnership and risk counseling for early and struggling IT companies seeking guidance to develop successful and ethical IT businesses practices.

Kenji started his career in IT when employed with Los Angeles Unified School District, LAUSD, where he mentored at risk minority students while assisting the IT staff to configure and deploy the early generations of mobile workstations for students. After two years, Kenji became to an intern with California State University, Northridge, CSUN, as an Outreach Intern to provide advisement on how to evaluate colleges, establish goals and filing paperwork to enroll for California State Universities, grants and scholarships to at risk minority students in high schools and community colleges within the Greater Los Angeles area.

Soon after leaving CSUN, Kenji transitioned into AT&T as a Business Solutions Consultant for non-profit, local government and small businesses to enterprises. AT&T grew his understanding of communications and interconnectivity through complex networking and mobile applications. After five and a half successful years as a brand ambassador and solutions consultant for AT&T, Kenji took an opportunity to grow an IT Managed Services Provider with a national presence and specialized in industry leading IT solutions for multiple verticals. Kenji took on several roles coining the nickname “The IT Henchman”. He was the Head of ISP and Telecommunications consulting, along with establishing their Cybersecurity and Compliance as a service offerings. Examples of the compliances as a service plans are PCI-DSS, HIPAA, FINRA and NIST 800-171. The MSP’s revenue grew by over 50% in one year with the successful implementation of the new service offerings and strategic changes using an advisory approach to best understand their clients’ pain points in application support, infrastructure, hardware, cybersecurity, and compliance. Kenji was involved in Technical Writing to enterprise, municipal and federal Information Technology bids.

Kenji Martinez left the MSP to establish Oversight IT Consulting, LLC.  Kenji provides Technology Solutions and Vendor Consultant from Los Angeles, Ca. His success in consulting for small to midsize businesses and municipal entities is formulated from his unique approach to Information Technology management. Kenji’s tactical approach to managing internal and external client’s staff and vendors has been successful by establishing unbiased consulting and evaluation services. His evaluations of IT vendors and proposed projects give oversight into financial and technological impacts of projects. Each client is provided with qualitative reports and communications guiding executives to confidently conclude and approve milestones, initiatives, and procedures to establish a highly available, robust and secure networks.

As the CTO of Perennial Financial Services, Kenji is strategically updating, migrating to and developing new technologies to streamline the efficiencies of Perennial’s advisors and staff*.  While updating infrastructure and line of business applications, Kenji is ensuring alignment with FINRA, PCI and CPRA compliance.  The unforeseen changes of 2020 and its call for robust remote work solutions and effective cybersecurity strategy are his top priorities as the CTO to keep business continuity.






*Kenji Martinez and Oversight IT Consulting, LLC provide services directly to Perennial Financial Services staff. Kenji Martinez and Oversight IT Consulting, LLC are not affiliated with or endorsed by LPL Financial.