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Rob Barber

Rob Barber

Financial Advisor I LPL Registered Representative

Are you The Millionaire Next DoorWould you like to be?  Hi, I’m Rob.  I joined Mike and Lisa in 2019 to help with Mike’s growing business.  I pose the first sentence as a question from the book by Stanley and Danko not to say I will make you a millionaire, but to help you understand what it takes to become one and how to manage things once you have.  The book speaks of PAWs (prodigious accumulators of wealth) and UAWs (under accumulators of wealth).

I relate to this book as my grandfather was a PAW, impressively setting up nine children for life.  Unfortunately, I’ve witnessed a handful of them turn out to be UAWs and have nothing left to show for his efforts, or the next generation that followed.  I entered financial services to help families preserve their wealth and avoid becoming UAWs, something I was too young to help my own family members avoid.  Having experienced both influences in my life, I chose to become a PAW like my grandfather, and can help you and your family avoid the pitfalls of under accumulation - which often results in the loss of fortune by the third generation.

Mike and I hit it off from our first meeting with like-minded values and a similar, client-centric approach to service.  I continue to learn from Mike, another PAW, and expand my knowledge and resources working here daily.  We complement each other’s strengths very well, and (along with Lisa) have a great team here at the ready to answer your questions and make your financial life easier.

After college, I spent roughly ten years in the tennis industry, and as a college coach.  With a background in organizational communications and coaching, I had helped several businesses and owners achieve their highest levels of successes before becoming a financial advisor.  The lessons of my youth drove me to want to help others preserve and build upon what they have and not fall victim to the UAW habits that inhibit life’s hopes and goals.  With the resources that are now available to me, I am well prepared to help both you, and your next generation, become prodigious accumulators of wealth as well.

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